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Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital opened its gates to the public in August 1990. Ever since the hospital has grown and has pioneered several treatment options which were not available in this part of the country.

It was here that complex interventional radiology procedures were started for the whole body for the first time in South India. The first PET scanner and image-guided radiotherapy in the western part of Tamil Nadu also started at KMCH.

Led by an extremely dynamic Chairman Dr Nalla G Palaniswami KMCH has grown by leaps and bounds , today, the main centre has closed 1000 beds, the medical College wing another 700 and if you add up the peripheral centres we would get another 500 to 600. This makes KMCH one of the largest hospital bed providers in the corporate sector this country. The hospital has got several awards both at the state and national level for its outstanding service and today is considered among the best hospitals in the country.

The Department of radiology at this hospital is one of the best equipped in the country it has two MRI scanners in the main centre and one at the Medical College the first 3Tesla MRI to come into this region was also at KMCH. The department also has the fastest CT scanner in the world the Somatome Force and was the first to set up a state of the art biplane neuro-vascular suite. The first high-definition 3-D mammography system from Hologic  was  installed at KMCH so also the worlds most advanced ultrasound system “Supersonic” has its largest number of machines here – it’s needless to say that KMCH is a leader and the radiology department is one of the jewels in its crown

Dr. Nalla G Palaniswami, Founder of KMCH

Dr PALANISWAMY believes that nothing is impossible. Starting as a simple man from a farming community he firmly believed that the future belongs to those who believed in the beauty of their dreams.

Kovai Medical Center and Hospital

Health care leader in India

We believe that we are here to give our best with the highest ethical standards to people who trust us with their lives. It has been our endeavour to never be satisfied with our achievements but to pursue excellence every day. Medicine is a dynamic ever-changing field, technology gets better every year management for diseases that were once considered state of the art become redundant and unless we are ready to change we become irrelevant and our treatment inappropriate.

“Medicine is a dynamic field and we need to change every day to ensure that we deliver what is best.”

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The word surgery is associated with a painful procedure and large scars. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if surgeries could less painful without scars? Radmagic will introduce you to procedures that are nothing short of magical, they are complex surgeries done through a needle  puncture, these procedures are otherwise called pinhole surgeries and medically termed interventional radiology procedures.

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