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Breast Center KMCH

The breast center at KMCH was started in 2013 and is the vision of the KMCH Chairman, Dr.Nalla G Palaniswami. The center was started to cater to women in this part of Tamil Nadu who have any breast related problems to have the best information, treatment, and support.

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One stop solution

The breast center at KMCH is a comprehensive one-stop solution for any breast-related problems. Led by Dr. Rupa Renganathan, the center is a one of a kind solution provider for all breast-related issues. The center not only diagnoses the condition but also ensures that treatment is planned according to the current scientific norms. The center also performs several pinhole procedures to diagnose cancer and also treat non-cancerous breast lumps and infections. The center has  the best of technology in terms of Hologic 3 Dimensions contrast-enhanced mammography (The first in India) the Supersonic ultrasound system with real-time shear wave elastography and 3D imaging, 3 Tesla MRI and PET scan from Siemens and the BD vacuum-assisted biopsy system.

It is the first center in India to be recognized for fellowship training in breast imaging by the national board.

From counselling to screening and diagnosis to treatment, the breast center at KMCH brings together the best specialists and the state-of-the-art technology to ensure that you are provided with information and care on par with current international standards and guidelines.

Breast Center KMCH

Magic through a pinhole for tumors

Vacuum assisted excision is currently the most popular and safest technology across the globe to remove benign breast lumps called fibroadenoma in the breast. This is a simple pinhole procedure is done under local anaesthesia which leaves no scar.

A small needle inserted through a pinhole in the breast and lumps up to 4cm is removed almost painlessly. The procedure does not require hospital admission and the patient is discharged with a small bandage with is to be removed after two days. This pinhole surgery is a miracle specially for young unmarried girls where even multiple non cancerous lumps can be removed in the same sitting. 

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Dr. Rupa Renganathan has been an Governing council member of the Society of breast imaging and also one of the members in drafting guidelines for the society. She is currently a leader in performing minimally invasive procedures for breast tumours she continues to train people all across India and has the  largest  series in removal of benign tumours of the breast.

She has  several publications in Indian and international journals. She is assisted by Dr Prema  who has passed her Radiology from JIPMER, Pondicherry and has three years of experience and has been working in the Department of breast imaging for the last one year.

It’s needless to say that when it comes to removal of benign tumours in the breast through a pinhole, Dr.Rupa  can be considered among the best in the country today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be benefited by this pinhole procedure?

Any woman who does not want this non-cancerous breast lump to be left alone in the breast.

What is the maximum size of the fibroadenoma which can be removed by this pinhole procedure?

This scarless procedure can be done for a benign / non-cancerous breast lump which measure upto 4 cm.

Do I have to come fasting for the procedure and will I be sedated / anaesthetized for this procedure?

There is no need to be in fasting, in fact we encourage the woman to have her normal meal before the procedure. You will be conscious during the procedure and can watch the lump being excised if you wish to. The procedure will be done under local anaesthesia.

How long would the procedure take?

It would take 30 minutes for complete the procedure. You will be observed in day care for 2 hours and after that you are all set to go home.

I am found to have multiple (more than 3 in each breast) on USG? Do I have to remove all of them?

There is no need to remove all of them. These are non-cancerous lesions and only symptomatic ones like those which are big and felt 0r painful need to be removed. There is absolutely no harm in leaving the smaller and non-felt ones alone as they will not cause any harm. They never become cancerous even if you leave them as it is. 

Vacuum assisted excision of fibroadenoma Breast

You may be a young woman with a lump in the breast that is very mobile and the fear of cancer may be destroying you. We have some good news for you, first of all, the chances of it being a cancer is extremely rare and second, we can easily cure it with a simple procedure.

Vacuum-assisted excision is currently the most popular and safest technology across the globe to remove benign breast lumps called a fibroadenoma. This simple pinhole procedure is done under local anaesthesia and it leaves no appreciable scar.

A small needle is inserted through a pinhole incision in the breast and the cutter and the vacuum shaves the lump in small pieces like a lathe machine,  the sample is then collected in a chamber and sent for tissue analysis. following the procedure you are sent home with a small bandage and once you remove the bandage after two days you will no longer feel the mass since it’s no longer there, it is truly magical.

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    • I run a textile business where my presence is crucial. When I was diagnosed for uterine fibroids, I thought the treatment would put me to bed for a few weeks. Thanks to Dr. Mathew and the Interventional Radiology techniques, I was back on my feet on the third day, to my business as usual.

      Yamini Dhanraj
    • I had an unbearable headache and was taken to the hospital. Further investigations revealed a blood clot in the brain secondary to a ruptured AVM. My family was dependent on me, getting back to work was crucial. At KMCH Dr. Cherian and his team blocked the abnormal blood vessel without opening my brain. I was soon back to normal. The meter in my auto is running again, quicker than I thought.

    • One day strangely I felt a kind of heaviness in my bowels. I had blood pouring when I went to the toilet. Over the next few hours, I started losing huge amounts of blood every time I emptied my bowels. I was nearing death. A timely procedure done by Dr. Mathew saved my life. I imagine an open surgery would have kept me for weeks in bed not to mention the other discomforts. I was back attending my patients on the third day.

      Dr. Sriram